Finding answers to medical mysteries … like autoimmune diseases … can be overwhelming. It’s not uncommon for new patients to express their feelings of hopelessness.

Even when there is some improvement, they haven’t been able to sustain it. From the physical fatigue to the emotional exhaustion, seeking answers and potential treatments for autoimmune disease takes a toll.

And, it’s not just the individual living with the condition that’s suffering.  Their friends, family, and loved ones often feel like they’re on the autoimmune trigger “roller coaster” as well.

If you find yourself exhausted after trying many other treatment programs with little long-term success, there is a better approach. It’s called the F.A.T.E.E.G. Formula™ developed by our founder, Dr. Gala Gorman.

How We Started

Immunocompetence Institute, based in Hilton Head, South Carolina was born out of necessity for our founder. After losing both her mother and sister far too young to long-term battles with cancer, it became clear that both had been living with autoimmune conditions for many years. These immune system malfunctions were early warning signs but were never given enough consideration. After years of masking symptoms, there was a progression to more serious conditions.

These women, like many others, were often told that the best approach was to relieve symptoms. Do these suggestions sound familiar?

  • Eliminate dairy and gluten from the diet and/or take medication to improve digestion
  • Relieve constipation with laxatives
  • Reduce chronic sinus issues with allergy medication
  • Alleviate insomnia with medication to force sleep
  • Soothe skin eruptions with medicated cream

This is just a short list!

Many in the medical field … even holistic practitioners … tend to focus on relieving symptoms as the primary method for treating conditions. Prescription medication may be replaced with a natural supplement but little is done to address the underlying issue.

This leaves the true or root cause of the problem unchecked and continuing to do damage. Not surprisingly, this rarely leads to long-term healing for patients.

What We Do

At the Immunocompetence Institute, your symptoms will be examined through the lens of overall health and the goal of a full recovery. We believe that progress has to be sustained to be of much value!

It can be frustrating to start over on a health journey you’ve been on for months, or even years. However, to get the full picture and to find the missing link, every piece of the puzzle must be considered. We’re on a journey to discover what happened that lead to this point and life experience.

Your body has taken many hits over the years. Even those that lead an incredibly healthy life are not exempt. While it’s different for everyone, for many people toxins accumulate over time that develop into a level of immune disorder that becomes an unmanageable burden.

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To develop a thorough understanding of how YOUR immune disorder developed, we ask questions and conduct tests that are designed to reveal the root cause. This is done with holistic curiosity.

Dr. Gala says, “The question is the answer.” If you ask the right question, the answer leads to the desired result.

How We Help

The Founder of Immunocompetence Institute is an oriental medicine practitioner (acupuncturist and herbalist) and naturopath. With her early background in business, she also taps into the logical side of medicine.

Her belief is that science and art can work together to facilitate healing. She is passionate about giving people a better choice and a real solution.

As the name of the institute suggests, your immune system is competent and fully equipped to do its job. You just need to know how to eliminate what’s causing the malfunction to so that the immune system can be effectively “rebooted” to restore full functionality!

By working together with the Immunocompetence Institute, you can build a well-informed plan based on the F.A.T.E.E.G. Formula™ that will start to roll-back the long-term effects of autoimmune disease. And, once the disease progression has stopped, you can begin experiencing life without the constant fear of autoimmune triggers.

For many, the F.A.T.E.E.G. Formula™ has restored hope … along with energy and enthusiasm for life.

Recovery is possible. True healing can happen for you.  

Welcome to The Immunocompetence Institute.